M3Ac- H4 6000Κ 40W 4000Lm - LED Motocycle

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NAO led 12V light HS1 Motorcycle led headlight H4 led bulb BA20D moto bulbs 40W 4000Lm H6 head motorbike Lamp Wide voltage M3AC
Access to national patent, Patent no.:ZL201320551208.3
With CE, RoHS, DOT, ISO9001 certificates, the global standards!
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Product information:
Input voltage:           AC 9V ~ 80V
Working voltage:      AC 12V
Flum:                        4000Lm
Color Temperature:  6500K White
Lifespan:                  50000 hours
Heat dissipation:        Aviation Aluminum radiator
Viewing Angle:       Standard seperate High-Low beam
Special voltage:       Improt custom COB light source
1. some AC motorcycles are controlled by the negative pole and our lights are controlled by the positive pole,When the light bulb is not lit,please first use 12V battery to exclude whether the motorcycle is controlled by the negative pole. 
2. Please make sure your motorcycle battery is not 6V. When it is lower than 9V, the light bulb will not be lit. Our light bulb can only be lit at 8 - 80V.
If you encounter any problems, please don't give us any negative comments directly. Contact us immediately and we will provide solutions.

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