H7 50W 6000L 6500 Κelvin - LED ΦΩΤΑ ΑΥΤΟΚΙΝΗΤΟΥ X3 led headlights με zes2 Philips Lumileds

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Product specification

LED chip: PHILIPS Lumileds ZES 2nd generation LED chip 10 rows
Power consumption: 25 W * 2
Lumen: 6000 lm 
Operating voltage: DC 9V to 32V
Lifetime:> 30000hrs
Beam: 360 degrees
Color temperature: 6500 K (with 3000 K 8000 K film)
Operating temperature: (-40 C to + 80 C)

A new fanless all-in-one vehicle inspection LED headlights appeared. With color change film, three colors can be changed. DIY possible for your favorite color! It is! PHILIPS Lumileds ZES adopts 2nd generation LED chip, luminous design tailored to halogen filament. It is a new reference vehicle inspection correspondence.

High efficiency heat dissipation heat sink design that does not use cooling fans Silent & NO noise with "fanless type". Built-in controller, all in one type installation is super easy.

A beautiful cut line is also realized, the new standard vehicle inspection also passes the passing optical axis! (Fine adjustment of the optical axis is required depending on the type of vehicle)

Since it is possible to adjust the angle of the reflector and the LED, we made it possible to make full use of the genuine reflector regardless of the installation model and make the light emission possible.

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