Eκκινητής Μπαταρίας Αυτοκινήτου 5 in 1 Jumpstarter Automotive OEM 18701

Σε Απόθεμα

Designed to start most vehicles without other vehicle, this 5in1 jumpstarter can also be used as a portable 12V power source for emergencies

The Specifics

  • Compact, durable and portable starting aid system for vehicles and boats
  • Designed to start most vehicles and boats without another vehicle or 230V source is needed
  • Can also be used as a portable 12V power source for remote areas or in emergency situations
  • Easy to read LED indicator for battery level (4 stages), when the charge level is indicated
  • Equipped with two 12V cigarette lighter socket contacts for the use of devices that you normally use in the car
  • Two USB connectors (5V, 500mA) for the use of USB devices
  • Display charging station
  • Working light with 8 white LEDs
  • Holder for mounting the battery terminals
  • Compressor
  • Pressure gauge
  • Storage compartment for air hose, adapters
  • Overload protection
  • Starting aid
  • Worklight
  • Compressor
  • Two 12V sockets
  • Two USB sockets

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